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How I Work

I provide creative integrative psychological tools that help you to find clarity and peace through engaging with your thoughts and emotions.


My work brings together mind, body, soul and spirit, supporting you to cultivate deeper awareness and connection to your Self and the natural world.

I'm a transpersonal and experiential psychotherapist. My form of therapy supports you in gaining a stronger awareness of your sense of Self - who you are and how you inhabit your own life and relate to others, emotionally, cognitively and behaviorally. 

This is far more than just 'talk' therapy. This is soul work. 'Soul' refers to our subtle essence which feeds our heart and spirit. The life principle whose essential characteristic is to animate and be animated. We open to that subtle essence and deepen our relationship with it.

The practices I utilise can bring clients into an altered state of awareness to communicate with the deeper facets of their being. This is where true transformation happens.

My approach is client-led, process-oriented, and experiential in nature. I aim to work deeply with clients, facilitating an embodied and lifelong change process. 

I provide my clients with creative and integrative psychological tools that help them engage with their feelings, emotions, mind and body, soul and spirit to cultivate self-awareness and a deeper connection to themselves and the natural world.


I'm a full member of the Association of Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapists and a provisional member of PACFA, a peak regulatory body for psychotherapists and counsellors in Australia.

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Principal Modalities

I utilise the following modalities in my therapeutic work:

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Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is based on the theory that we are a multi-faceted human personality made up of numerous sub-personalities or internal 'Selves'. These form to protect our innate vulnerability. Developed by Jungian analyst Hal Stone and his wife Sidra, each Self is given expression, which brings about self-awareness, choice and aliveness for the client.


Emotional processing (EP)

EP is a safe, structured, energetic and powerful process used to work with unresolved issues and their accompanying emotions.  It uses the breath, movement and sound to consciously work with and release unexpressed energy from present and past reactions to gain clarity. The client develops a greater sense of their own identity and self-reliance.


Ritual & ceremony


Birth of Venus


Dreams provide us with access to aspects of ourselves of which we are normally unaware. Working with our dreams puts us in touch with our own deep wisdom and hidden potential, as well as providing guidance around current issues.


Plant & nature connection


Light and Shadow Portrait

Body Focus & meditation

Body Focus is about re-establishing connection to the body and feelings and discovering its defences and holdings in order to release them. The works derives from Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics.

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Sandplay originated in the Jungian Institute. It entails spontaneous play in a sandtray, with or without symbols. It is a doorway into our deepest inner self and the transpersonal level of the psyche and facilitates healing, self-awareness, growth and guidance.

Planet and Moon

Transpersonal Breathwork

Breathwork facilitates entry into non-ordinary states of consciousness where trauma locked in the body is released for healing, and access becomes available to beneficial inner resources. Breathwork is always conducted in a safe therapeutic environment and was originally developed by Stan Grof.


Symbol work

Symbols provide a powerful doorway into our inner world and help us work with both conscious and unconscious material. Symbols act like a bridge between the ego’s everyday position and whatever is unconscious and wanting to be revealed.

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The Transpersonal Approach

Transpersonal psychotherapy delves into the realms beyond the ordinary and embraces the transcendent dimensions of human experience. This therapeutic approach goes beyond the conventional boundaries of the self, inviting individuals to explore the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Rooted in the belief that personal growth involves a journey towards greater awareness and higher states of consciousness, transpersonal psychotherapy incorporates Eastern philosophies, mindfulness practices, and holistic healing modalities. This transformative process holds compassion and a deep respect for the inherent potential for growth within each person.


Through the lens of transpersonal psychotherapy, individuals embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery, unravelling layers of consciousness and tapping into the universal tapestry that binds us all.

How I Can Help

I utilise a range of transpersonal modalities to assist my clients with a variety of challenges and areas of personal growth, such as:

Major life transitions

Dealing with trauma

Grief and loss

Relationship issues

Psychedelic integration

Sense of meaning & connection

Personal development

Anxiety and depression

Processing difficult emotions

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