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Meet Maria

I provide creative integrative psychological tools that help you to find clarity and peace through engaging with your thoughts and emotions.


My work brings together mind, body, soul and spirit, supporting you to cultivate deeper awareness and connection to your Self and the natural world. 

How I Can Help

I utilise a range of transpersonal modalities to assist my clients with a variety of challenges and areas of personal growth, such as:

Major life transitions

Dealing with trauma

Grief and loss

Relationship issues

Psychedelic integration

Sense of meaning & connection

Personal development

Anxiety and depression

Processing difficult emotions

What Clients Say

"Maria is a very soothing and caring person, making her easy to open up to and talk with. She actively listens and offers strategies to approach difficult situations. Maria uses various methods, both intrinsic and tangible,  to help me visualize my internal thoughts and feelings, showing me a different and more manageable perspective. The result is a better understanding of myself and nourishing my personal growth. She is a great guide through life’s transitions helping to make sense of the journey we find ourselves on."

- Amy


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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